7.62x51 - 147 Grain FMJ M80 - Sellier & Bellot - 500 Linked Rounds

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Sellier & Bellot is hard at work in Czechia making sure you have the 7.62x51 ammo you need to keep the lead flying! The oldest continually operational ammo manufacturer in the world loads this ammo according to the U.S. Armed Forces’ M80 specs, making it as fit for machine guns as it does semi-auto and bolt-action rifles. A standard M80 ball round has a 147 grain full metal jacket projectile. At that weight the bullet achieves a consistent 2,521 fps muzzle velocity, and devastates a target with well over 2,000 ft lbs of energy at close to medium range. The FMJ bullet’s hard jacket and pointed nose profile helps it feed very smoothly, but they also prevent any sort of terminal expansion like you’d want for hunting or home defense. Sellier & Bellot exclusively loads nonmagnetic bullets in new brass cases. Their reloadable ammo fires nice and clean thanks to its non-corrosive primers and propellant that is formulated to minimize action and barrel fouling. Your rifle should plow through all 500 of these carefully standardized cartridges without so much as a hiccup! This is linked ammunition, making it a perfect choice for an M240 machine gun or other belt-fed firearm. If you want to feed this ammo into a magazine instead, unlinking it is easy! Just get yourself a piece of wood and push each cartridge into it bullet-first – it will pop right out of its link.
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