7.62x51mm - 147 Grain FMJ BT - PMC X-TAC - 500 Rounds

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Precision Made Cartridges (PMC) has earned a reputation in the US for providing high quality ammunition at affordable prices. These 7.62x51 NATO rounds are loaded in new production brass cases that are boxer primed and re-loadable. Each projectile in this case of 500 is a 147 Grain Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail (FMJBT) that achieves a muzzle velocity of 2,800 feet per second. PMC loads these cartridges to strict MIL SPEC tolerances. Here are a few "stand-apart" aspects of this 7.62x51mm ammunition: Zero Steel Projectile (rare in the 308/7.62x51mm world) Sealed Primer Pocket Sealed Case Mouth PMC ammunition is manufactured in South Korea under the Poonsang Corporation. Poonsang manufactures small arms ammunition as well as large howitzer rounds for the South Korean military. Shooters care about the quality and reliability of their ammo. PMC manufactures all of their loading components from raw materials so they do not have to rely on other companies products to produce their ammo. As a result they control the quality of every step in the manufacturing process. The end result is very consistent ammunition that is available at affordable prices. Pick up a case of this MIL SPEC 7.62x51 NATO ammunition and see why PMC is a world leader in ammunition industry.
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