Bear Archery Fisix FFL Crossbow Package with Trophy Ridge SpeedComp Illum. Reticle XV525IR Scope & Cocking Sled - Sand

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A shining example of crossbow perfection, the Fisix FFL has amazing balance, is fast, fully adjustable and deadly accurate. Engineered from the ground up to deliver the ultimate crossbow shooting experience. The Fisix FFL clocks in at 375 fps, with only a 135 lb. draw weight making this bow one of the most efficient in the woods today. A picatinny rail runs from the trigger to the front of the bow for mounting the fore grip exactly where you want it. The butt stock slides 3.25 in. to adjust the length of pull. Dial in the perfect cheek weld and sight picture with the adjustable cheek pad. The stock uses a standard A2 grip well so there are hundreds of grip options to fit this bow. The Trophy Ridge SpeedComp illuminated reticle is perfect for low light conditions and features a 9 position reticle from 20 to 100 yards 3xs Adjustable Trigger System - The 3 Times Safe trigger is the safest and most intuitive trigger ever in a crossbow. The safety is always set when cocking the bow and it can be in safe or fire prior to cocking. SAFETY FIRST! PowerV Riser Design - Extending the riser to behind the trigger makes for even stress distribution and wicked efficiency! BearHands - Fore Grip - The most versatile crossbow fore grip in existence. No matter your shooting style you can find the perfect fit with your BearHands fore grip. PowerLink Cable Routing Hangers - These little pieces of crossbow magic extend the limbs slightly to allow the use of yoked cables to clear the rotation of the cams. Quite simply, they allow for the best possible bow tune! Forward Facing Limbs - The FFL bow orientation moves the riser and weight of the bow to between the fore grip and the grip creating optimal balance. Gaffstep Stirrup - The most useful stirrup. PERIOD. Often forgotten about, the stirrup is essential to a crossbow. Now, we have made it even more useful by making it a hook that can hang just about anywhere. Includes : Trophy Ridge SpeedComp Illuminated Reticle XV525IR Scope 3 Trophy Ridge Insidious Arrows & Points Picatinny Mount Quiver Cocking Sled Rail Lube
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