Benelli Vinci Shotguns

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Benelli Vinci Shotguns A revolution in shotgun engineering Fast, low-recoil, reliable design ComforTech Plus recoil-reduction system Modular design fully disassembles in seconds Named after Renaissance inventor Leonardo da Vinci, this shotgun is an engineering masterpiece. Benelli touts the 3"- chambered 12-gauge Vinci as the fastest-shooting, lightest-recoiling and most-reliable shotgun on the market. Its featherweight design is perfectly balanced for optimum handling. The In-Line Inertia Driven® operating system is the simplest, fastest semiautomatic system devised to date. Advanced ergonomics and Benelli's ComforTech™ Plus recoil-reduction system make this the world's softest-recoiling shotgun. Its amazing modular design makes it fast and easy to assemble and disassemble – you'll have to see it to believe it! Includes C, IC, M, IM and F Crio® chokes.
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