Best Tactical, Flashlights 2022, 1250 High Lumen, 1 Mode, EDC, Tac Light, Spotlight

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Best Tactical Flashlights 2022 1250 High Lumen 1 Mode EDC Tac Light Spotlight for Fox Deer Coon Night Hunting Offset Picatinny Rail Mount Pressure Switch Self Defense Outdoor Camping Survival About this item Single Mode--- Tactical weapon light is special designed a single mode flashlight that can be quickly turn on and off without cycling through various modes that leave the shooter exposed Super brigh---- XLamp XM-L2 LED 1250 high Lumen, decent throw 150 meters, 4 hours run time, Wide fixed-beam defined hot spot in the center ideal for targeting Deer Varmint Predator Coon Raccoon night hunting High grade aluminum armor-coated--- Weather, shocks and corrosion resistant, held up well to recoil impulse and didn't cut out at all Compact size 6.2 inches long--- light weight 6.6 ounce--- Full-Size Tactical Flashlights is eight to twelve inches in length This is only 6.2 inches that the button can be pushed with your thumb with your foegrip hand Quick detach Picatinny Rail Flashlight Mount--- 45 Degree Side 1" 25.4mm Ring Offset QD 20mm Rail Flashlight Adapters; Pressure switch has both momentary and toggle on/off Free 5-year warranty for whole flashlight kit; free lifetime warranty for the pressure switch
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