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BioLite Solar Panel 5+ Includes: 1 - BioLite Solar Panel 5+ 1 - Onboard 2200mAh Li-on Battery 1 - USB Cord 1 - Instructions Self-Adjusting Solar Panel Always Gets Optimally Charged Normal solar panels don't always get optimally charged. The position of the sun changes throughout the day, wasting a lot of potential energy for those without a self-adjusting solar panel. Using BioLite's Optimal Sun System Technology, the Solar Panel 5+ always stays at maximum charge. The integrated sundial automatically keeps your solar panel aligned with the movements of the sun, utilizing as much energy as possible, and you can prop it up with the kickstand on uneven terrain to face the sun at the perfect angle (ideal for off-grid living!). The Solar Panel 5+ is built to charge your USB devices. It works with any device that has a USB port, whether it's a smartphone, tablet, camera, laptop, or other BioLite survival gear. This is the latest BioLite solar panel model and includes onboard battery storage. The onboard battery acts as a portable power bank that stores power for later, even when you don't have anything hooked up to the panel. To learn more about the BioLite Solar Panel 5+, click the “Features & Specs” tab above.
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