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The 4th Volume In The Series; A Much-Needed Shop Tool For Anyone Who Works On Guns Continuing the proud tradition of the first three books, the fourth member of the family adds more Kinks® to help you conquer problems in the shop, new ideas for tools and time-saving fixtures, plus lots of business and shop tips and, of course, all the jokes that have appeared in the Newsletter since Kinks® III came out back in 1993. And, we’ve added many Kinks® and jokes that haven’t appeared in any Newsletter.  You might think that after three previous volumes of Gunsmith Kinks® Books there just wouldn’t be anything new left to say about gunsmithing. But, you’d be seriously underestimating the ingeniuty of your fellow gunsmiths and tinkerers. Matter of fact, we think they’re more inventive than anyone else. New guns are introduced which need to be repaired; new games are invented which require different modifications to the guns used; and gun folks don’t hesitate to tell their fellow gunsmiths (even if they could be competitors), the incredibly unique Kinks® they use to help get the work done, and done right, in their own shops. We’ve collected 569 original how-to Kinks®, 332 illustrations, plus 64 pages of our latest instructions on a variety of processes - from Color Case Hardening to applying our Bake-On finishes and more, then added in “how-to” articles reprinted from Brownells BenchTalk newsletter and a whole chapter dedicated to advice on running your shop, and increasing profits. You’ll find 133 pages with 167 job-specific Kinks® for handguns, rifles, and shotguns; a method to keep tiny springs and parts from vaporizing into space, tricks to make your drill press more versatile, some sample dream shop layouts; and that’s just a very partial list. All this information creates a fantastic collection we absolutely couldn’t have put together without the help of our incredibly dedicated customers. One ’smith, or even a dozen in twelve shops, will never run into all the jobs or problems for which solutions are included in Gunsmith Kinks® IV. The sum total of know-how contained is truly mind-boggling. You get to tap into the job files of the world’s best gunsmiths and take advantage of the hours they spent figuring out how to fix the problem that’s sitting on your bench! If just one of the 569 Kinks® in this book saves you 1 or 2 hours of figuring out how-the-heck, or a business tip brings in one new customer, you’ve paid for your copy of Kinks® IV - everything else it helps you do is gravy! Big Book Catalog, Issue:73, Page:388
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