Carbon Express Supercoil LT Crossbow Package with Deluxe Lighted 4x32mm Scope, Kryptek Typhon

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As a lightweight version of the Intercept Axon LT, the Intercept Supercoil LT is also a top of the line crossbow that features a unique, military AR-style design. Built on the Intercept Chassis, the Intercept platform uses the same reliable, modular component system as AR black guns. This gives the Supercoil unlimited potential for customization because it can accommodate almost all military and commercial AR parts. Combined with precision engineering and devastating speeds of 360 plus fps, the Intercept Supercoil LT gives you absolute confidence to make your best shot. Includes 3 Maxima Hunter Premium Carbon Bolts, 4x32 deluxe lighted scope, quick-detach 3-arrow quiver with side bracket, cocking rope, 3 practice points, and rail lubricant. Military AR-Style Design The Intercept Chassis crossbow platform uses the same reliable, modular component system as AR black guns. Unlimited Customization Picatinny design platform accommodates the most common length of pull positions at 13, 14, and 15 inches. It can also mount most military and commercial AR parts including stock, grip, foregrip, optics, sling, mounts, lights, lasers, and an unlimited number of other tactical shooting accessories to fit your hunting setup. Adjustable Stock & Foregrip Three-position AR style fixed butt stock with comfortable butt plate. 9 inch folding ergonomic foregrip/forearm rail accommodates any shooting style for enhanced repeat performance. Compact Profile Slim Line 13.5 inch limb design with new thinner extruded barrel and lighter machined riser makes for a more responsive front end, improved balance, and better shooting performance. Easy & Safe Low-profile foot stirrup keeps your foot behind the barrel while downward cocking. The anti-dry-fire mechanism will enhance safety in the field for both left and right-handed shooters. Smooth Firing Gun-caliber, machined, no-creep trigger and CNC-machined trigger box housing with precision internal components achieve a clean break at a pull weight of just 3.5 pounds. Optimal Speed Precision-engineered aluminum alloy cam set delivers bolts at 360 plus fps on a flatter bolt trajectory. Tunable synthetic bow strings and power cables deliver smooth, accurate shooting and extended performance. Deadly Accurate 4x32 deluxe, multi-reticle, lighted scope with red/ green dual illumination for varying light conditions.
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