CIVIVI Mckenna Isham Tan G10 Satin D2 Liner Lock Top Flipper C905A

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The CIVIVI Mckenna is a slim, compact, every day carry top flipper designed by iconic custom designer Elijah Isham. The Mckenna delivers Isham's iconic style while providing a highly functional and utilitarian cutting tool. CIVIVI has executed the Mckenna in a robust yet refined construction. This version comes with Tan G10 handle scales supported by steel liners with a satin finished D2 Tool Steel blade. Brand new, direct from CIVIVI. Blade: A fully flat ground, satin finished D2 blade rides on a stainless steel ball bearing pivot for ultra smooth, fast deployment via the minimalist top flipper tab that is fully hidden in the open position. The modified Sheepsfoot blade is slim yet robust with a full length sweeping belly for slicing performance. A subtle choil allows for full sharpening and added control in fine tasks. The satin finish gives the blade a classy look and a rounded triangle blade hole lends to Isham's signature style. Like many of Isham's designs the Mckenna has a negative blade angle that is more ergonomic and efficient for general cutting tasks. Handle: The tan G10 handles are slim and contoured with organic lines that Isham is known for. Stainless steel liners offers a solid foundation for durability with a simple and reliable liner lock mechanism for security in use. The ergonomic, open back handle design provides plenty of security and comfort for extended use. The handles are completed with black stainless steel hardware and Black G10 back spacer. Carries via a reversible, tip-up, stainless steel deep carry pocket clip. D2 Tool Steel: D2 is a cold work tool steel that has been used as a die cutting steel since WW II. D2 has a high chromium content for a tool steel (10-13%) which gives it greater corrosion resistance than most high carbon steels making it semi-stainless. D2 offers a good combination of toughness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance for a good all around knife steel.
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