Federal 3rd Degree Turkey Shotshells

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Federal® 3rd Degree Turkey Shotshells use a 3-stage payload and the Flitecontrol® wad to create effective patterns at close range yet stay tight to deliver lethal loads at long range. These unique turkey hunting shotgun shells are loaded with 40% No. 7 Heavyweight® shot, for tight patterns at long range; 40% No.5 Premium lead, for a dense pattern at midrange; and, 20% No.6 Flitestopper® lead, that spreads quickly for close range. No matter if a gobbler shows up at 50 yards, or right at your feet, Federal 3rd Degree Turkey Shotshells get the job done. Manufacturer model #: PTD157 567. 3-stage payload of No. 7, 6, and 5 shot Effective at short, mid, and long range Flitecontrol wad
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