Federal Premium Champion Centerfire Primers Small Pistol 1000/ct

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OVERVIEW Federal small pistol centerfire primers #100 come in a 1,000-piece box and are widely regarded as some of the best centerfire primers on the market. These primers have been machined to very exact tolerances and deliver optimal ignition, which makes them perfect for match shooters. These Federal small pistol centerfire primers #100 give you peace of mind in knowing that they were manufactured with great attention to detail and quality. These primers come in a variety of sizes for use with different calibers The Federal Champion Centerfire Small Pistol Primers are essential for consistent and reliable ignition in your ammunition. This 1000-count pack is perfect for avid reloaders who demand quality and performance. Known for their excellent sensitivity and uniformity, these primers are a top choice for precision shooting. Federal small pistol centerfire primers #100 is your key to optimal ignition with 1,000 primers in a box. Buy your primers now.
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