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GREEN DO IT YOURSELF ENERGY GUIDE (BOOK OR DVD) Tired of paying High Power Bills? Easily Reduce Energy Costs With These Guides. Includes: DIY Instructions for building your own solar panels - low cost energy solutions for anyone. DIY Instructions for building your own wind mill - harness the power of the wind for easy power solutions. This GREEN DIY Energy Guide teaches you all you need to know in order to reduce your total energy costs. While most people tell you to spend money on energy efficient devices to save, this guide teaches you simple steps that won’t just help you save, but could make you energy independent. If you like to get your hands a little dirty and don’t want to be a subject to greedy power companies any longer, this is for you. Here’s what you get: Introduction to Solar Power (PV): This guide introduces you to the components of solar technology. Covering the basic and advanced principles of solar power in an easy to understand fashion, this guide will quickly turn you into a de facto expert in solar power. Solar Power DIY Guide: What you’ll get here is 5 part video series teaching you exactly how you create your own solar panel. This easy to follow, step-by-step guide makes it simple to create high-quality solar panels. The guide also comes with an easy to follow booklet on installing your newly created solar panels. After learning panel creation, you’ll learn how to wire the panels and then hook them into your home’s electrical system. This booklet also covers the basics of using your solar system and helping to work within the confines of the law as well as how to integrate solar without endangering you or the power companies employees. Wind Turbine Essentials: This guide will give you the basics of wind power. It breaks down the exact mechanisms on how to generate wind power, and also how to integrate it into your home’s power system. Wind Turbine DIY Step-By-Step Guide: This 4 part video series will show you how to easily fashion a windmill that’s going to be used for home power. Breaking it into easy to understand sections it shows you exactly how to get a wind turbine in less than a days time. These guides are ideal for anyone who wants to reduce their power bill. Follow these guides and you’ll see dramatic reductions in power costs. Get the GREEN DIY Energy Guide now before another power bill comes your way.
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