Herter's® Defense Shotshells

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Herter's® Defense Shotshells Loaded to the highest standards in consistency and reliability The perfect load for home defense Use high-quality powder, shot and hulls Loaded in Italy to the highest standards in consistency and reliability, Herter’s has the perfect load for home defense or practice at the range. Using high-quality powder, shot and hulls, these unique loads deliver excellent dependability and performance at an affordable price. Available: 12-ga. #00 Mini-Buckshot — Mini-buckshot has less felt recoil than full-size buckshot. Increase your magazine capacity with these short shells. Not for use in semi automatic shotguns. Per 10. 12-ga. #00 Buckshot — Crafted with high-quality components, this versatile buckshot is suitable for personal and home defense. Per 10. Multidefense Shotshells — The ultimate knockdown power with a 0.65" round lead ball, backed by six No. 1 buckshot pellets. 12 ga. Per 10. Double Round Ball Shotshells — Extremely effective personal- and home-defense loads. Two 0.65" round lead balls deliver excellent knockdown power. 12 ga. Per 10. .410 #000 Buckshot — Built for personal and home defense with shotguns and revolvers. Per 25.
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