Highwild Steel Target Stand AR500 Shooting Target System Complete Kit Combination (4)

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Material Alloy Steel Color E- Stand/Beam/4 Chain Kit Sport Rifle Shooting Brand Highwild About this item ▶ Best Price-- Combined Purchase is at least 20% Cheaper than single product purchase. ▶ TARGET STAND is quick and easy assembly. All parts can be replaced separately(You can buy them from our store). ▶ 5/16" 30 proof CHAIN MOUNTING KIT designed for more durable, allows to adjust target angle for bullet deflection! ▶ Recommended for use with “Highwild AR500 STEEL SHOOTING TARGET”, they are perfectly fit each other and designed to last. ▶ You Will Get-- 1x Target Stand & 1x Extension Beam & 4x Chain Mounting Kits (NO Steel Targets).
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