Hogue Deka Wharncliffe Black Magnacut Black Polymer 24366

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Celebrating a decade of knife manufacturing Hogue has teamed up with custom knife maker Allen Elishewitz to deliver the Deka folder. This fantastic everyday carry design come with an Ambidextrous ABLE Lock mechanism for solid reliability in a lightweight package. The polymer handled variants sacrifice a bit of rigidity for reduced weight and corrosion resistance and utilize the amazing CPM-Magnacut blade steel for balanced high-end performance. This version has a black Cerakote coated modified Wharncliffe blade and black polymer handle scales. Brand new, direct from Hogue Knives. Blade: The thin modified Wharncliffe blade comes with a reverse Tanto point and delivers powerful piercing with a good balance of strength and slicing performance for daily tasks. Dual thumb studs offer ambidextrous deployment with smooth operation on rugged phosphor bronze washers. CPM-Magnacut offers exceptional performance with high level corrosion resistance while the durable black Cerakote coating resists wear and is discreetly non-reflective. Handle: Partial inset stainless steel liners support the lightweight and durable Nylon 12 polyamide scales. Crosshatch texture and a generous index finger groove provide traction for a secure grip with chamfered edges for comfort. An open back construction reduces weight and makes for easy maintenance. The ABLE lock is smooth in operation providing ambidextrous action and rock solid lock up (read more below). Carries via a reversible stainless steel deep carry clip. ABLE Lock: The "Ambidextrous Bar Lock Enhanced" or ABLE Lock incorporates superior finish and geometry for smoother operation, a tougher lock bar and Wolff omega springs making it an excellent evolution of its close cousin the AXIS lock mechanism. CPM-Magnacut: Developed by metallurgist Larrin Thomas (Knife Steel Nerds) Magnacut is a powder metallurgy steel designed to deliver balanced high-performance with high hardness (up to 65 Rc), similar toughness to CPM-4V, and corrosion resistance better than M390, similar to LC200N. Sharpening is relatively easy, between CPM-154 and S35VN/S45VN. For an all around steel Magnacut is tough to beat.
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