JoeBob's AR15 Grip Screw Trigger Adjuster

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Use Coupon Code "ADJUSTER3" for $5 Off each with 3+ Qty ($9.95)THE best bang for your buck to improve any AR15 Trigger!  One of the BEST upgrades possible for a mil-spec fire control group, period! This trigger adjuster replaces the factory grip screw to reduce trigger creep, lessen pull weight, and improve hammer break for better accuracy. Use alone or as part of a complete trigger job.  Use this to fine-tune any mil-spec trigger or even the ALG ACT Nickel Boron Trigger!  These can be used in combination with the JP reduced power springs to take the pre-travel out of a trigger and reduce the trigger pull weight. SPECS: Steel Grip Screw manufactured in the USASteel Set Screw manufactured in the USAGrip screw is Swiss CNC machined to accept the internal adjustment set screw.Gunsmith fitting recommended but not required. Included in package: **(1) Internally Threaded Grip Screw with Trigger Adjuster Set Screw Installed**(1) Star Washer**(1) 5/64 Hex Key for install(Only (1) Hex Key is included per 3pack of trigger adjusters)Directions for Assembly:***BE SURE THE FIREARM IS UNLOADED BEFORE PROCEEDING*** Separate the upper receiver from the lower receiver.Cock the hammer back and set the safety lever to safe.  THE LOWER MUST BE ON “SAFE” TO ADJUST CORRECTLY. Completely remove the set screw from the adjuster. Apply Blue Locktite to the set screw. Re-Install set screw to original position with hex head. Remove original grip screw. Make sure not to lose the safety spring & detent!Place adjuster into grip and tighten thoroughly with a 3/16" Hex DriverTighten set screw using 5/64 Hex Key stops: do not tighten past stopping point. At this point the safety lever won't move or will be hard to move. Leave on safe. Back the set screw out 1/8 turn at a time until the safety lever moves freely again. Function test the lower checking that hammer, trigger, and safety are all functioning correctly.  This is as far as you can adjust the adjuster.  Let the loctite dry overnight. These directions are intended to aid a qualified gunsmith in installation.
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