Kimber Subalpine Bolt-Action Rifles

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Kimber Subalpine Bolt-Action Rifles Super-lightweight frames with pillar and glass bedding Built with sub-MOA accuracy standard Match-grade barrel, chamber and trigger Action sizes are specific to each rifle's family of cartridges Threaded barrel with thread protector OptiFade Subalpine Kevlar/carbon-fiber-reinforced stock Recoil-absorbing 1" Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad Anything worth building needs a solid foundation, which is why Kimber's Subalpine Bolt-Action Rifles are built on super-lightweight frames with pillar and glass bedding and a short bolt travel that help them achieve exceptional accuracy, dynamic speed and perfect balance. A sub-MOA accuracy standard and match-grade barrels, chambers and triggers ensure pinpoint precision. Unique to Kimber, action sizes are made specifically for the family of cartridges each rifle fires. Controlled round feeding paired with the bolt's full-length Mauser-style claw extractor ensures smooth cycling every time a round goes to the chamber. Three-position, Winchester-Model-70-type wing safety. Crisp adjustable triggers. Stainless steel fluted barrels and actions. Barrels are threaded (7/16"x28") and include a thread protector. Premium Kevlar®/carbon-fiber-reinforced stocks. Recoil-absorbing 1" Pachmayr® Decelerator recoil pads. Optifade Subalpine Concealment camoflage.
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