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Compact, Go-Anywhere Field Tool Keeps Your Rifle Tuned & Running Smoothly Versatile multi-tool packs classic Leatherman features, plus specific tools for the military, law enforcement, civilian, and competition AR-15/M16 shooter. Not only will the MUT help you perform routine maintenance and adjustment tasks on the basic AR platform and popular accessories, it can literally save your life. In the event of a jam caused by “bolt override”—an ejection failure that traps the spent case between the bolt and charging handle—simply drop the mag, insert the MUT’s bolt override tool into the ejection port and yank the carrier quickly to the rear to clear. The non-marring bronze carbon scraper cleans all areas of the bolt/carrier assembly prone to carbon fouling buildup. Stainless steel 1⁄8" punch speeds removal of pivot/takedown and hammer/trigger pins. For adjusting optics and accessories, there’s a ¼" slot-head screwdriver, plus 7⁄64" hex, Torx® T-15, and Phillips #1/#2 drivers. The clip point knife blade of 420HC stainless steel has a precision-ground straight/serrated edge for maximum versatility. Blade can be deployed one-handed with the rest of the tool closed. Combination regular and needle-nose pliers include removable wire cutter jaws of hardened 154CM stainless that can be detached for replacement or sharpening. You also get a cutting hook for slicing cord, seat belts, zip ties, or disposable handcuffs. Other tools include a saw, flat hammer head, crimper, threaded adapter that accepts a standard cleaning rod, cable, or brush. The standalone 12-point wrench with ½" and 3⁄8" heads is ideal for tightening bolts on Picatinny rail accessory mounts. A carabiner clip helps you carry the tool and doubles as a bottle opener. Comes with a removable Titanium pocket clip and MOLLE compatible nylon belt sheath. AR-15, Issue:11, Page:086 Big Book Catalog, Issue:69, Page:084
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