MOJO Elite Series Woody Duck Spinning Wing Decoy

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Until now, most spinning wing decoys have been built incorrectly, according to the experts at MOJO®. The MOJO® Elite SeriesTM Woody Spinning Wing Wood Duck Decoy puts an entirely new spin (bad pun intended) on motion decoys. Instead of putting the motor, battery and all the other important components inside the decoy body, and then attaching it to the support pole, the team at MOJO looked at it like this: how would a truck or ATV ride if the motor and transmission were attached to the body rather than the frame? Not a pretty picture. So why should a decoy motor be attached to the body? By attaching the motor and transmission to its own frame, you get a quieter Spinning Wing Decoy with less vibration and smoother, faster action. Solid component housing connects motor and wings directly to support pole Soft, lightweight decoy skin fits over housing unit Flexible feet attached to decoy skin Ultra-realistic paint scheme that holds its color well Less wobble and noise Motor, transmission, power-supply system and body all attached to easily accessible structural support frame Much lighter weight than traditional spinning wing decoys Runs on 4 AA batteries (not included) Drop-in battery holder Remote compatible (sold separately) Includes 3-pc. support pole Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 736080 Mfg. Number: HW2472-3P
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