Montana Decoy Archer's Choice Food Plot Pack

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The Montana Decoy Archer's Choice Food Plot Pack is a 2-decoy set that works great throughout the entire season. It's perfect for food plots or where deer naturally gather, but offers great versatility. Simply adjust to what your local herd is doing. Use the motion doe itself for early season feeding. During pre-rut, use the motion doe and buck/doe with the antlers. And in the late season, remove the antlers from the buck/doe and use it with the motion doe. They're both easy to carry and move so you can make these finer adjustments without exerting much effort. 1 doe decoy 1 Buck Decoy Authentic-looking poses Doe features Magnetic Teaser Tail Easy to transport Includes poles Key Specifications Item Number: 707025 Mfg. Number: 0070
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