Moultrie Mobile Delta Cellular Camera (Choose Provider)

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About this item Verizon Network - Connected to the Verizon network for coast-to-coast coverage, the Delta Cellular Trail Camera sends trail camera images from field directly to your smartphone and computer 32MP Images – Enjoy vivid, beautiful daytime images and razor-sharp nighttime images with jaw-dropping 32 megapixel resolution and the new ILLUMI-NIGHT 3 camera sensor 0.35 Second Trigger Speed – With a blistering trigger speed of 0.35 seconds, even the fastest animals won’t escape the watchful eye of your Delta camera Longer Battery Life – Engineered to use less power so batteries last up to 50% longer, meaning less trips to the woods and more time scouting Built-In GPS – Onboard GPS for theft deterrence and easy device location on the map New CellBoost Antenna – External antenna optimized for stronger cellular reception Adaptive Trigger – Trigger sensitivity adapts based on environmental conditions for fewer blank photos Video Delivery – Video with sound delivered to your phone with the same convenience as your trail camera images
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