Mountain House Chicken Fajita Bowl 4.2 oz 2 Servings

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OVERVIEW Mountain House Pouches are an easy-to-make and easy-to-devour solution for your camping and backpacking needs. Simply add hot water, wait several minutes and you're all set to dig into a satisfying meal, no matter where you are. No dishes? No problem — enjoy Mountain House meals straight from the pouch! Whether you're looking for a tasty entree or something sweet to close out a long day of hiking, Mountain House has you covered for all your dining needs. Shop our freeze-dried food pouches below. Wish you could take your favorite Tex-Mex cuisine with you on your next excursion? Now you can! Made with real pieces of tender, cooked chicken with just the right amount of spice. Rice, black beans, bell peppers, corn, onions, and seasonings blend together to make this meal all the more satisfying. SPECIFICATIONS CA Prop 65 1 Flavor Chicken Food Size-old 4 Number of Servings 2 Package/Packing Bag Cooking/Food Type Freeze Dried Food Brand Mountain House
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