Mountain House Scrambled Eggs with Bacon 2.2 oz 1 Serving

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OVERVIEW Mountain House Pouches are an easy-to-make and easy-to-devour solution for your camping and backpacking needs. Simply add hot water, wait several minutes and you're all set to dig into a satisfying meal, no matter where you are. No dishes? No problem — enjoy Mountain House meals straight from the pouch! Whether you're looking for a tasty entree or something sweet to close out a long day of hiking, Mountain House has you covered for all your dining needs. Shop our freeze-dried food pouches below. Who knew bacon and eggs could be so portable? These pre-cooked scrambled eggs include bacon pieces that are sure to meet the demand of any adventure. SPECIFICATIONS CA Prop 65 1 Flavor Chicken Food Size-old 2 Number of Servings 1 Package/Packing Bag Cooking/Food Type Freeze Dried Food Brand Mountain House
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