New Traditions 1873 Frontier Series Black Eagle Single-Action Revolver

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The Traditions™ Frontier Series 1873 Single-Action Revolver provides the legendary quick-pointing characteristics of the famous revolvers used to tame the American West. The Frontier Series comes with a color-case hardened finish on the main frame, and a high-polished blued barrel, cylinder, and grip frame. The Black Eagle Model has a screw-less, 1-piece, black PVC grip panels with an eagle symbol molded into it. The Traditions 1873 Single-Action Revolver uses a transfer bar internal ignition system, allowing the revolver to be carried safely with all 6 chambers loaded. The sixgun loads from the traditional half-cock hammer position. A fixed blade front sight and a notched rear sight provide shooters with fast sight acquisition, and do not snag when drawing the revolver from a holster. The front of the cylinder is beveled, making the gun easier to re-holster. Traditions Single-Action Revolvers are a great choice for cowboy action shooting or field carry in the outdoors. Black PVC grip panels with eagle symbol Main frame with color-case hardened finish High-polished blued barrel, cylinder, and grip frame Transfer bar internal ignition system Fixed blade front sight and a notched rear sight
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