Nosler® Liberty Rifles

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Nosler® Liberty Rifles MOA accuracy at 100 yds. with prescribed Nosler ammo Hand-tuned trigger ensures a crisp break Free-floated match-grade stainless barrel Cerakote all-weather finish on all external metal components Two-position rocker safety Whether punching holes in paper or putting meat in the freezer, make Nosler's Liberty Rifle your go-to firearm. Nosler guarantees MOA accuracy at 100 yds. when used with prescribed Nosler ammunition. For this level of off-the-shelf accuracy, Nosler hand-tunes each trigger for a crisp break and free floats the stainless match-grade barrel. CeraKote™ all-weather finish protects all external metal surfaces from rust, corrosion and harsh hunting conditions. Straight-stock design and 1" recoil pad reduce felt recoil. Lightweight aluminum floorplate for quick unloading. Two-position rocker safety. Cheek weld helps consistency with an easily repeatable shoulder position. Contoured to accept the same two-piece scope base that fits the Remington® Model 700™. Nosler's proven Model 48 custom action. Synthetic stock reinforced with aramid fibers. Glass and aluminum-pillar bedding.
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