Ravin R500E Sniper Crossbow Package

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With blistering 500 FPS speed and a ridiculously compact axle-to-axle width, the new Ravin 500E is the most powerful, compact and technologically advanced crossbow the world has ever seen. Ground-breaking new technology, including the new proprietary HexCoil Cam System, delivers an unmatched combination of speed, power, and downrange accuracy. Along with breathtaking speed and ultra-compact dimensions, the R500E also features the all-new Electric Drive System that allows you to cock and uncock with the push of a button. Plus, the new VersaDrive Cocking System with internal clutch eliminates over-cocking and allows the cocking and uncocking process to be stopped or resumed at any time. Simply put, with the 500E, Ravin has raised the bar. Again. This special Sniper package includes a 1-8x24 Adjustable Turret Scope, scope level, (6) .001" arrows with field points, and quiver/mounting bracket. ELECTRIC DRIVE COCKING SYSTEM The Ravin Electric Drive System attaches quickly to the stock of your Ravin R500E crossbow, giving you an easy way to cock and uncock your crossbow with just the push of a button. Lightweight, easy-to-use unit is fully detachable so you can store it in your backpack or pocket when you're in the stand. Plus, it comes with a removable 12V battery so it's super easy to charge with the included wall charger. HEXCOIL CAM SYSTEM & SNIPER PACKAGE WITH ADJUSTABLE TURRET SCOPE The Ravin R500 Crossbow provides rifle-like accuracy in an ultra-compact package and it's all thanks to the new HexCoil Cam System. Ravin's advanced HexCoil Cam System coils cables away from the bow's cams, keeping them perfectly balanced. This allows the cams to rotate 360° and provides speeds up to 500 FPS with amazing, rifle-like accuracy. Designed for precise target acquisition, the Ravin Adjustable Turret Scope features an elevation turret that allows you to easily dial in your scope to whatever range is needed during your hunt. Plus, it comes equipped with an illuminated reticle that makes it easier than ever to get on target quickly. Also included with the Sniper Accessory Package is a Ravin scope level, (6) .001" arrows with field points, and quiver/mounting bracket. Shoots arrows up to 500 FPS 15" power stroke 222 ft.-lbs. kinetic energy 300-lb. draw weight Electric Drive System allows you to cock and uncock your crossbow with just the push of a button HexCoil Cam System produces rifle-like accuracy VersaDrive Cocking System eliminates over-cocking Trac Trigger Firing System Draw handle with 17-lbs. of cocking force for easy cocking Anti-dry fire / auto safety Built-in sling mounts Comes pre-tuned and fully assembled 3.6" axle-to-axle when cocked, 7.6" uncocked Included Sniper Accessory Package 1-8x24 adjustable turret illuminated scope Scope level (6) .001" arrows with field points (400 grains total) Quiver/mounting bracket Order today! Key Specifications Item Number: 721700 Color: Slate gray Velocity: 500 FPS Kinetic Energy: 222 ft.-lbs. Power Stroke: 15" Draw Weight: 300 lbs. Axle to Axle (cocked/uncocked): 3.6" / 7.6" Overall Length: 28" Weight: 9.9 lbs. Mfg. Number: R053
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