Sako 85 Carbonlight Bolt-Action Rifle

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The Sako 85 Carbonlight Bolt-Action Rifle reflects both tradition and innovation to give you an extremely lightweight hunting rifle that's rugged and reliable. The 85 Carbonlight uses the famous Sako 85 action bedded in a technically advanced stock that is built using the same CFRP technology that is used in the aerospace industry, resulting in a stock that is durable and rigid, and exceedingly lightweight. Not only does the Carbonlight stock make carrying the rifle over rough terrain easier, but also its soft-touch finish provides a positive, non-slip grip in any weather condition. A fluted stainless steel barrel also cuts down on overall weight and balances the rifle nicely. The Sako 85 features a solid steel receiver with a 3-lug bolt that only needs a 70° rotation, allowing for rapid cycling of the action and keeping the shooter's fingers and gloves from between the bolt handle and scope. The bolt has a plunger ejector and a reliable Sako extractor. The receiver has integral tapered dovetail mounts machined into it for attaching an optical sight. The single-stage, adjustable trigger has nearly zero perceptible creep, and breaks clean and crisp at the shooter's desired weight of pull. The 85 comes with a 2-position safety that locks the bolt when engaged, and a dedicated safe unload button forward of the safety switch that unlocks the bolt while the safety remains engaged for safe unloading. The Sako 85 Carbonlight Bolt-Action Rifle is a serious rifle for big game hunting, its extreme lightweight making it a great choice for hunting in steep, rugged terrain where excess weight can greatly impede on one's success. Extremely lightweight hunting rifle Lightweight stock is both durable and rigid Soft-touch finish provides positive grip Fluted stainless steel barrel 3-lug bolt with 70° rotation Adjustable trigger 2-position safety
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