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The Benelli® Vinci with a Black synthetic stock and barrel is a no-nonsense Semi-Auto Shotgun built for hardcore hunting. The Vinci uses Benelli's ultra-reliable In-Line Inertia Driven™ operating system, consisting of just 3 main parts: the bolt body, an inertia spring, and a rotating bolt head. The action cycles 2-3/4", and 3"shotgun shells interchangeably without adjustments. This simple design does not use gas to cycle the action, so smoke and burnt powder residue do not enter the gun's mechanism, allowing it to remain cleaner than a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun. A rotating bolt head features steel locking lugs that lock into the steel barrel extension, creating a steel-to-steel lock that becomes even tighter during firing. The Vinci's modular 3-piece design disassembles in seconds with out tools, for transport or field maintenance. The ComforTech® Plus recoil reduction system tames recoil from heavy waterfowl and turkey loads and reduces muzzle rise so you can stay on target for rapid follow-up shots. An oversized trigger guard and safety, and a sculpted forend allow operation with gloved hands. Benelli manufactures their Vinci barrels and choke tubes with their Crio® System, which creates an even-grained, slick surface that minimizes pellet deformation, and produce tight, uniform shot patterns that down birds at maximum shotgun range. The Benelli Vinci Black Semi Auto Shotgun comes with 1 Crio tube (modified). This is an ultra reliable Semi-Auto Shotgun that holds up to heavy use under all hunting conditions. Strong and simple in-line inertia operation Cycles 2-3/4", and 3" shells without adjustments 3-piece modular design disassembles easily Rotating bolt head with steel locking lugs Comfor Tech recoil reduction system Crio System barrel and choke tube
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