Taidebao Ozone Generator Refrigerator Deodorizer Air Purifier Sterilizer Scent Eliminator for Hunting Gear Bag

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This powerful ozone emitter designed to eliminate odors from hunting clothing and gear before your hunt. This scent killer for hunting is equipped with rechargeable Battery to work in your hunting gear bags. Portable Hunting scent eliminator keeps you No Odor to Scare Your Trophy Buck. Also as odor eliminator ,it can quickly eliminate odor in the refrigerator, keep the food and vegetables fresh for a longer time and you can also place this ozone air cleaner on your cupboard, wardrobe, shoe box, toilet, desk etc. Compact and powerful air deodorizer whose sterilization rate can reach more than 99%. The ozone air purifier for allergies and pets helps eliminate and retard mold, mildew, fungus growth and provide a fresh clean environment in refrigerator.
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