Ulfhednar Arca Platform UH362 Color: Black, Included Accessories: Ulfhednar Support Pillow, 17% Off, Blazin' Deal w/ Free Shipping

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Product Info for Ulfhednar Arca Platform The Ulfhednar Arca Platform is designed to improve balance and stability when positional shooting. Large flat surface underneath. The platform can also increase the length of your frontguard by 10-15 cm if neccessary. Locks with a easy accessable quick release lever. This can, based on your preferences, be optionally mounted on either the right or left side. If the surface you are shooting from is uneven, you should have a pillow under to even out any bumps. We therefore have included our Mini Cookie Dough, and it mounts easily to the platform using hook and loops. Made in Norway. Materials platform: Aluminum Materials pillow: Cordura(R) Total weight: 3250 gram Total dimension: 25 x 17,5 x 5,5 cm Weight platform only: 300 gram Dimension platform only: 25 x 11,5 x 1,5 cm Specifications for Ulfhednar Arca Platform: Manufacturer: Ulfhednar Color: Black Included Accessories: Ulfhednar Support Pillow Fabric/Material: Cordura Height: 6 in Width: 6 in Length: 1 in Condition: New Weight: 7.8 lb Package Contents: Ulfhednar Arca Platform Ulfhednar Support Pillow
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