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**BEST Online Package Value!!** When you’re honest with yourself you know you can have all the gear in the world and still not be safe. Why? Because gear without the knowledge to survive is like owning a gun with no bullets. That’s what is so great about the Ultimate Survival DVD Library. Our exclusive teaching series, these DVDs and guides teach you how all you need to know when it comes to both basic and advanced survival techniques. Whether you’re just starting off with prepping or are an advanced prepper you absolutely must have this. Here’s what you get in this value-packed Survival Library: Prepared to Survive (DVD 1) - Has 60 minutes of survival videos covering topics ranging from how to a build an EMP-proof Faraday cage to the 4 foods that won’t spoil. Fire Making & Water Survival (DVD 2) - Loaded with more than 30 minutes of life-saving videos that will teach you techniques to easily start a fire in almost any environment. You’ll also learn how to collect, store and purify water using minimal resources. Life-Saving Survival Training (DVD 3) - Includes over an hour of survival wisdom that will prepare you for when the going gets tough. Learn how to apply a tourniquet, make a snare, and more. Home Defense Tactics (DVD 4) - Discover what operational security holes you have in your home and car right now. Makes it so easy to learn how to defend your home with our DIY security project and create an effective escape plan for your family. Firearms & the Apocalypse (DVD 5) - Is a must-have for anyone who wants to protect their family no matter what happens. Natural disasters, global economic meltdown, pandemic disease and more could all lead to the collapse of our society. Hurricane Survival (guide) / Tornado Survival (guide) / Flood Survival (guide) - These guides teach you unique approaches for environmental hazards. Learn a weird little trick that can make a tornado “never see you.” Learn what never to do when a hurricane is just miles away. Plus discover the first thing anyone caught in a flood should do (it’s not what you think). Survive a Terrorist Attack (guide) - The devastating terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and political unrest in the Middle East have left many concerned about future attacks on the United States. Preventing Breaking & Entering (guide) - This guide teaches you what you need to do to secure your home from being broken into. Turn a trip to the hardware store into an opportunity to turn your home into a fortress. Surviving Local Disaster for Seniors (guide) - Covers the unique aspects of survival for the elderly. Teaches you uncommon methods you can use to combat known weaknesses many seniors possess. Shows you how age is not a factor in survival. All of this material, well over 40 hours worth of video and hundreds of pages of information are yours for an incredibly low price. You’d spend weeks, if not months compiling this information on your own. So don’t waste hours scouring the Internet, trying to figure out precisely what you need to learn. We’ve taken care of that for you. Everything in the library has been designed by top survival experts, meaning you don’t have to wonder if what you’re learning is going to work. And each DVD and guide is broken up into bite-sized, easy to understand sections. It’ll be easy to become an expert in survival as we show you the simple steps to getting prepared for a disaster. The information is so easy to work with, your kids can follow along (if you’d like). The truth is you absolutely must have this. So get the Ultimate Survival DVD Library today, before it’s too late.
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