Walker's Ultra Ear Hearing Enhancer, 2 Pack

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Ever wished for "bionic" ears? Walker's Ultra Ear Hearing Enhancers boost your hearing to near super-human levels. Lightweight, comfortable design fits neatly behind the ear. Delivers a clean, digitally amplified version of your environment directly into your ear canal. Now you can "pick up" on deer snorts, antler rubs, grunts and game crashing through brush and more. Could give you the hunting edge toward bagging success. Also great for detecting unusual bird species by their songs and chirps. DID YOU HEAR THAT? AMPLIFY THE SOUNDS OF THE WOODS AND MUFFLE GUNFIRE! The snap of a twig is a tell-tale sign of an approaching whitetail. Without the keen hearing from these Ultra Ear Hearing Enhancers, you could miss your opportunity. Hearing Enhancers also have a built-in noise gate, which has some minor reduction and will cut off after sounds of 85db or higher. Lightweight, comfortable in-ear design Custom-feel fit without expensive molding Cuts off after sounds of 85db or higher Includes 12 tulip tips (4 of each size: small ,medium and large) 6 LR-44 batteries and cleaning kit included Mossy Oak camouflage casing Hear clearly, place your order for years of service!
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