Wise Food 5-Day Survival Backpack

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EMERGENCY SURVIVAL KIT - Be prepared in any emergency, whether a natural disaster, pandemic or evacuation, with this survival kit containing food, water, and supplies GOURMET FOODS AND DRINKS - Containing 32 servings of delicious, ready-to-eat foods such as hearty soups, cereal, pasta, milk, and water FIRST AID AND HYGIENE - Includes 37 piece bandage kit, N95 dust mask, pocket tissues, 3 wet naps, and waste bag HEATING AND COOKING - Portable stove with 24 included fuel tablets stow safely in backpack and provide a source for boiling water or heating food, also includes stainless steel cup and waterproof matches SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE - Squeeze flashlight, emergency poncho, 5-in-1 survival whistle, mylar blanket, and even a deck of playing cards complete this all-in-one survival and emergency kit in convenient backpack for quick access on the go
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