YangDiana GPS Tracker for Vehicles Real Time Tracker Anti Lost Tracking Multiple Alarm with Free App for Cars, Kids, Elderly, Wallet, Luggage

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About this item If used in the US we recommend SpeedTalk or T-mobile SIM cards which support 2G/3G/4G,The car tracker has high accuracy due to its use of GPS and A-GPS positioning, as well as LBS technology. Our real-time tracking system can pinpoint any location on the globe via SMS, app, or website. There are three tracking options: GPS, and LBS. AGPS also supports positioning. This GPS tracker has many features, including tracking on an app, geofencing, a historical path view, an inductive sensor, overspeed alarm, vibration alarm, and low power consumption alarm. It also has an energy saving mode. The mini multifunction GPS tracker is 47mm * 24mm * 18mm and can be used in a car, school bag, wallet, or truck. It is especially suitable for putting on our children's school bags, which guarantees the safety of the child. This GPS tracker can help you keep track of your vehicle's location, and it supports Android and iOS apps as well as web access. It provides real-time tracking, and its GPS and LBS modes give you positioning accuracy of up to 5 meters.
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