Marlin 336Y Spike Horn 30-30 16" Hardwood Stock

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Marlin recognizes that the future of hunting is in the hands of today's youth. To help them enter the woods with the best rifle possible, Marlin is offering the legendary Model 336 in a configuration specifically designed for youth and optimally engineered with the young hunter in mind. Chambered for the low recoil 30-30 Winchester cartridge, The Model 336Y is modeled after a Marlin classic, the 336C. To accommodate a small framed hunter, this carbine tips the scale at a light weight 6.5 lbs. and is only 33.25 inches in length. The hardwood stock is shortened to a 12 inches length of pull and the 12 groove, Micro-Groove barrel is 16.25 inches long. The rifle comes standard with an adjustable, semi-buckhorn folding rear sight, a ramp front sight with a brass bead and a Wide-Scan hood. The solid top receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts and an off-set hammer spur is included with every rifle. The Marlin Model 336Y is the perfect rifle for young hunters to take their first deer. They will be proud to join generations of Marlin owners who have engaged in the deer hunting tradition by carrying a classic Marlin lever action, The Great American Rifle. Model: 336Y Caliber: 30-30 Win. Capacity: 5 Action: Lever Stock: Walnut Finished Barrel: Carbon Steel Twist Rate: 1 Turn in 10 inches Sights Folding Buckhorn Rear, Brass Bead Front Approx. Length: 33.25 inches Approx. Weight: 6.5 lbs. The 336 Y was designed for a young hunter to take their very first deer. With a 16 1/4" barrel and shorter dark laminate stocks, this gun is specifically designed with younger shooters in mind. The'll be proud to shoot it until the day dad hands down his old Marlin. And it's reliable enough to be passed down when the grandkids start wearing orange. Featuring 30-30 cal., 5-shot tubular magazine, lever action, side ejection, and Buckhorn sights.
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