12 Gauge - 2-3/4" 1oz. Tipped Copper Sabot Slug - Browning BXS - 5 Rounds

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Browning knows you mean business when big bucks are at stake. That’s why they load this 12 Gauge shell with a beefy one ounce sabot slug. But that slug is far more interesting than the typical hunk o’ lead that flies out of a shotgun! This shell’s slug is made out of pure copper. That’s a requisite for hunting in California for sure, but copper’s also awesome because it (A) barely breaks apart during penetration to ensure a deep wound cavity, (B) is good for the environment even outside of California, and (C) is unable to poison any meat that it touches. To say this slug strikes a big blow would be an understatement. Loaded to a muzzle velocity of 1,600 fps, it charges out of the barrel with nearly 2,500 ft lbs of energy to its name. It keeps a flatter trajectory thanks to its streamlined polymer tip, which also rams into the slug’s nose cavity on impact to promote extensive terminal expansion! This is a sabot slug, and accordingly demands to be fired from a rifled bore shotgun. You could theoretically fire it out of a smoothbore, true, but without rifling to engage with a sabot slug is going to tumble around in flight and offer some truly miserable accuracy. Browning’s roll crimped hull keeps its deadly slug soundly put until its big moment arrives, and their primer and propellant are both optimized to minimize fouling.
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