12 Gauge - 3" 1-1/8oz. #6 Shot - Hevi-Shot HEVI-XII - 25 Rounds

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Think #6 shot is too small for duck hunting? That’s because you’re used to using steel shot, which has a density of approximately 8 g/cc. But a Hevi-Shot HEVI-XII shell is loaded with tungsten shot, which has a whopping density of 12g/cc. That’s a 50% density upgrade! Super-dense tungsten lets you fire shot three sizes smaller than when you’re using steel, which in turn means you’ll put about 28% more pellets in your bird of choice. Better yet, tungsten is considered relatively insoluble in water and also nontoxic, which makes it just as suitable a choice for hunting in sensitive wetland habitat as traditional steel. This 3” shell’s tight-patterning and hard-hitting 1-1/8 ounce column of #6 tungsten shot is accompanied by Hevi-Shot’s high-density wad, as well as potent charge of powder that unleashes it from the muzzle at a breakneck velocity of 1,500 fps. The Oregon manufacturer designs their primers to resist harmful water infiltration, and their high-quality hulls promise smooth functionality in all shotguns. Tungsten shot works great with older shotguns and fixed-choke barrels as well!
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