12 Gauge - 3" 1-5/8oz. #7 Shot - Fiocchi Golden Turkey TSS - 5 Rounds

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Fiocchi Golden Turkey TSS 12 Gauge ammunition will deliver the concentrated pattern, deep penetration and long-range stopping power you need take your tom! This American-made shotshell is loaded with revolutionary Tungsten Super Shot, which outperforms lead in every conceivable way. TSS is made of 95 percent tungsten – the secret behind its high 18.1 g/cc density. The density of lead is only 11.4 g/cc, which is why a TSS pellet retains more momentum and hits harder over longer distances. #7 lead shot would be too small for turkey hunting under normal circumstances. But because TSS is so dense, much smaller shot pellets are just as effective at dropping a big bird. That equals the denser pattern which increases your chance at success. TSS is also too hard to undergo deformation, which keeps its pattern tighter downrange. TSS doesn’t contain any lead, which makes this shell a natural choice if you hunt wherever toxic projectiles are banned. Fiocchi complements TSS shot’s gobbler-walloping performance with premium primers, powder, wads and reloadable hulls. And if you buy Fiocchi shotshells here in America, then they must have been made here in America.
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