12 Gauge - 3-1/2" 2-1/4oz. #7 Shot - Federal Heavyweight TSS - 5 Rounds

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Overwhelming firepower. Turkey hunting calls for nothing less. Chamber one of these 12 Gauge Heavyweight TSS shells by Federal Premium and you’ll be certain to send Tom off with a bang and not a whimper. Federal’s Tungsten Super Shotshot hits different – which is to say that it hits hard. The Minnesotan company’s unique tungsten alloy shot isn’t just 56 percent denser than standard lead; it is also 22 percent denser than pure tungsten itself! This shell’s #7 shot resists deformation during ignition so it can pattern especially densely, and it doesn’t lose penetration depth by flattening out as it bursts through a turkey’s bones and musculature. A Heavyweight TSS shell has two additional accuracy-enhancing features. The shell’s clear card wad serves to keep all of its granulated buffering material neatly in place. The material absorbs recoil energy to keep TSS shot pellets even rounder. This shell’s FliteControl Flex wad is specially designed to tighten up a pattern even further, and it is compatible with both standard and ported turkey chokes. Federal even gives a portion of their cut to the National Wild Turkey Federation, thus assuring there will be plenty of great American game birds for generations to come.
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