12 Gauge - 3-1/2" #5 Shot - Winchester Double-X - 10 Rounds

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Details Turkey hunters will appreciate the long reach and power of these 12 gauge Double-X shotshells from Winchester. These shells come in boxes of 10 and use an extra-long 3-1/2" hull length to deliver a 2-ounce payload of #5 shot at a muzzle velocity of 1,300 feet per second, producing a tight pattern that will down gobblers with ease even at extended ranges. The shot used in this ammunition is copper plated. Copper plating is typically found on higher-end performance oriented shells and provides protection to the lead shot when the cartridge is fired. Copper-plated shot deforms less and stays in formation better, delivering a more concentrated blow to your target with reduced risk of "flyers" going way outside the pattern. While these shells are certainly powerful enough to injure targets bigger than turkeys; however, they are not optimal for home defense due to their power and recoil. Try a lower-recoiling 2-3/4" load firing larger buckshot for a more efficient self-defense solution. Winchester ammunition is loaded in Oxford, Mississippi and comes in many variants optimized for multiple types of hunting and sporting use as well as self-defense and law enforcement.
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