204 Ruger - 32 Grain FBHP - Nosler Varmageddon - 20 Rounds

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Details Developed as a coalition between Hornady and Ruger, two American companies, the 204 Ruger was the fastest round available when it came out in 2004. With this tiny, yet incredibly efficient round, you will be able to bring down whatever varmint comes around with ease. Nosler has a reputation for producing some of the most consistent and reliable ammunition on the market. They are headquartered in Bend, Oregon and their ammo is proudly loaded in the USA. With these phenomenal Nosler Varmageddon rounds you have the answer to your varmint problem. Each round in this box of 20 features a 32 grain flat base hollow point projectile that exits the barrel at a blistering 4,000 feet per second! With this insane velocity, these light HP bullets exhibit explosive expansion and fragmentation to stop varmints dead in their tracks. Nosler uses factory fresh brass cases that are boxer primed and re-loadable. Pick up a couple boxes of this Varmageddon ammunition today and get out in the field soon!
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