.22 Long Rifle - 40 Grain Lead Round Nose - CCI - 5000 Rounds

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CCI’s “Quiet-22” ammunition is intended for incredibly quiet range shooting out of .22 LR firearms. CCI has designed these .22 Long Rifle rounds with a tiny amount of powder in the standard CCI .22 rimfire case; this results in high accuracy, low velocity and a 75% noise reduction from standard .22 LR rounds! The quiet design of these .22 LR rounds makes them roughly as loud as an air rifle, so you can fire them without ear protection. They’re ideal for shooting areas where noise is a concern, whether that’s an indoor range or a backyard range where you don’t want to disturb your neighbors. It’s important to note that the minimal amount of powder in these cartridges may cause cycling issues in semi-automatic firearms; you may have to cycle the action manually. Since 1951, CCI has provided high-quality primers to ammo manufacturers and the reloading market. Today they’re also a market leader in high-quality rimfire ammunition, with a cartridge for every application from small game hunting to competition shooting.
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