22 LR - 38 Grain LRN - Blazer - 525 Rounds

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This 22 LR cartridge is made by Blazer, so it’ll let you enjoy your favorite little firearm all day without necessitating that you put a second mortgage on your house, sell your car, and switch your dog’s food over to a generic brand just to be able to afford to do so. Blazer ammo owes its dependability to CCI’s own sensitive and non-corrosive primers, uniform casings, clean burning propellant, and consistent bullets. This round’s 38 grain projectile will issue out of your muzzle at a supersonic velocity, giving you the flat trajectory and superior speed needed downrange to make short work of targets and varmints alike. As a lead round nose this round’s bullet is not just affordable, but further possesses the pliability it takes to deform within soft targets -- that along with the good impact energy delivered by the bullet’s nose profile will stop any nutria or rabbit dead in its tracks. Whether you’d plink or hunt with this round, you’ll be glad to have stocked up on so many of them!
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