22 LR - 40 Grain LRN - Aguila Target Competition - 50 Rounds

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Aguila engineers their Target Competition label ammunition to deliver unwavering precision and accuracy. Although this subsonic ammo may not generate adequate chamber pressure to cycle a semi-automatic firearm, it will turn any other type of rifle or handgun into a fine implement for target practice and competitive shooting! This cartridge features a 40 grain LRN projectile. Its concentric body will seal the propellant gasses behind it to ensure that consistent pressure forces it down the barrel. Its ballistically efficient round nose profile and uniformly distributed lead composition both lend themselves to superb accuracy. Aguila’s consistent primers and propellant charges yield impressively uniform muzzle velocities, and their brass chambers neatly. Aguila has made high quality ammo since 1961, when they were founded in Mexico in partnership with Remington. They currently make a variety of centerfire cartridges and shotshells, although “The Eagle” will always be best known as one of the world’s preeminent rimfire specialists. Order a box and see why they enjoy so great a reputation!
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