22 LR - 40 Grain LRN - CCI Clean-22 - 100 Rounds

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This 22 LR cartridge by CCI is very pretty. With its shiny brass case and pomegranate red projectile it almost looks like a tiny lipstick – but that vermillion bullet is not there for cosmetics! This Clean-22 round features a 40 grain poly-coated lead round nose projectile. Its exterior layer of polymer enables the bullet to slip through a barrel while leaving behind significantly reduced lead fouling, and the polymer itself doesn’t deposit residue in the rifling. This clever bullet also cuts down on lead buildup in a suppressor by 60 to 80 percent! This bullet’s reddish color indicates that it’s high velocity. (CCI uses blue polymer to indicate subsonic.) Its peppy muzzle velocity alongside its streamlined geometry grants the bullet exceptional accuracy, making it as satisfying for casual plinking as it does teeth-gritting competition. CCI’s dependable primer and propellant help any semi-automatic firearm sing its favorite tune, and their consistent brass cases promise even more reliable cycling still. This ammo really only begs one question: Will one box of 100 be enough?
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