22 LR - 40 Grain LRN - Federal Range Pack - 3200 Rounds

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Whether you want to fire your grandpappy’s Depression-era squirrel rifle or a Glock 44 with the price tag still dangling from its trigger guard, you’ll need a whole boatload of 22 LR all the same. Federal scratches that itch 3,200 times with this immense case of rimfire ammo! This 22 LR cartridge has a standard 40 grain bullet, but it’s still high velocity at 1,200 fps out of a rifle’s barrel. And as bullets go, this round’s lead round nose is as economical as it gets. An LRN may lack copper plating that would stave off lead fouling of the barrel, although its streamlined profile and ability to inflict sufficient damage to quickly kill small varmints will forever make it a staple of the rimfire world. Federal draws high quality brass to make their dependable little cases. These rounds’ bullets may cause a little faster barrel leading, although their non-corrosive primers and charges of clean burning propellant both promote a cleaner firearm when all’s said and done. This case of 3,200 rounds is divided into four boxes, each with 800 loose rounds between them.
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