223 Rem - 55 Grain FMJ - Wolf WPA Polyformance - 1000 Rounds

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Steel is an extremely useful metal. You an use it to make motorcycles, barbecues, forks, and even ugly modern architecture. (Call us uncouth, but we think Frank Gehry buildings look like used tissue boxes. He won’t be designing the next Lucky Gunner headquarters.) The best use of steel, however, is arguably for casings -- it is incredibly inexpensive when compared to brass, which is why this 223 Rem ammo by Wolf is perfect for endless target practice. This round’s casing is coated in PolyFormance, a polymer that promotes smoother feeding and extraction in any platform of firearm. Note that this round is Berdan primed, which in conjunction with its steel casing makes it totally unworthy of reuse for handloading. This round’s 55 grain projectile, which is full metal jacketed, is essentially the standard weight for its caliber. The Russian-made cartridge will perform exactly as you are accustomed to at the range!
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