40 S&W - 125 Grain Frangible - SinterFire GreenLine - 1000 Rounds Loose Packed

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SinterFire didn’t just adopt the frangible bullet – they invented it, thus making shooting at indoor ranges and playing steel targets like the keys on a xylophone far safer pastimes for everyone to enjoy. This 40 S&W cartridge features a 125 grain frangible bullet. Unlike the tried and true FMJ that shooters usually employ at the range, the frangible bullet contains no solid metal. Well, its copper and tin are in fact solid in the chemistry teacher’s sense of the word, but because the powderized metals in this bullet have been hardened together through heat and pressure they pose virtually no risk of creating dangerous splash-back or ricochets. The frangible bullet hits a hard surface and disintegrates. SinterFire’s bullet is nonmagnetic and nontoxic. Better yet, its Sintox primer is completely lead-free as well, so no part of ignition will produce aerosolized lead to linger around your head and invade your respiratory giblets. If you’re going to be doing a lot of training indoors where there no windows out of necessity, that makes SinterFire’s GreenLine ammo a worthy investment in your health. These brass cased rounds are loose packed in a big plastic bag within a big cardboard case, so you can satisfyingly run your fingers through them all like a pirate would to a treasure chest.
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