45 ACP - 137 Grain Lead Free Flat Nose Ball Ammo - Federal American Eagle Indoor Range Training - 50 Rounds

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Indoor ranges are great when you want to avoid the sun and the snow, but they have a drawback: Four walls and a questionable ventilation system mean you’re going to spend a lot of time breathing in toxic lead fumes. If you’d like to avoid that health risk, then you want Federal Premium American Eagle Indoor Range Training ammunition. This 45 ACP cartridge has a very light bullet at 137 grains. That’s because the Lead Free Indoor Range Training (IRT) bullet isn’t burdened by dense heavy metals. It won’t produce lead vapors when it’s heated up by propellant gasses; it won’t disperse lead particles into the air when it collides with a hard surface at high velocity. This bullet doesn’t have a copper jacket, either, so it also presents less risk of splash-back or ricochet when it hits something hard. Federal even took the lead out of this round’s primer! It features the Catalyst, a lead-free primer which sparks up clean and hot to promote highly reliable ballistic performance. The Catalyst is also humidity resistant, so it offers the same shelf life as traditional, lead-based primers. This ammo may have special primers, but its brass cases are still reloadable. This round’s lightweight bullet conveys a much faster muzzle velocity than usual. It’s still going to correctly cycle semi-automatic firearms – you’re just going to see a really flat trajectory at close range!
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