45 ACP - 185 Grain JHP - Prvi Partizan - 500 Rounds

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Name a more American pistol cartridge than the 45 ACP. Can’t be done! But that doesn’t mean good 45 ACP ammo has to come from America. Prvi Partizan’s Defense Line 45 ACP promises great functionality out of any handgun, and buying it by the case means you’ll be able to train the same way you would fight. This round has the lighter common bullet for the 45 ACP. At 185 grains it’s all set to deliver a 935 fps muzzle velocity out of a 5” barrel, and its 0.180 G1 ballistic coefficient means that it should retain about 329 ft lbs of energy at 50 yards. This round’s bullet is a jacketed hollow point, with a smooth-feeding profile and notched jacket which promotes fast and uniform expansion at all practical velocities. While their name may sound exotic, Prvi Partizan does not put steel or any other magnetic metals inside of their bullets. Prvi Partizan’s cases are just as steel-free. This non-corrosive ammo’s new brass cases are uniform enough to feed and eject with all due efficiency, and they are indeed reloadable!
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